• TZdolls Deluxe

    TZdolls Deluxe
    TZdolls are in 3D:
    and Demonic!

  • Tzdolls Gamers

    TZdolls Gamers
    The TZdolls Gamers
    are 3D figurines
    high resolution
    in very limited series.

  • Custom order

    TZdolls Service
    TZdolls is also a 3D printing service:
    Design, development, manufacturing figurines
    and high-resolution 3D objects by stereolithography.

3D printing allows for objects in volume like a sculpture.
It is a manufacturing technique by adding as opposed to more traditional methods of production by subtracting (drilling, shaping, cutting, etc.) Therefore, the falls of raw materials are significantly lower and lower costs.

Our stereo-lithography process uses a laser to sculpt the object which allows the realization of objects in 3D printing high definition.
The objects are achieved in photopolymer acrylate resin is a resin which solidifies in contact with the light / laser.

This process is particularly suitable for small runs without generating additional costs.

3D printing allows us, furthermore, to have access to forms that are not achievable through molding and allows us to customize any object or figure.

TZdolls attaches to a technological production but artisanal and environmentally responsible.

TZ dolls

Design, development, manufacture and distribution of 3D printing objects high definition photo-acrylate polymer resin.
Technological process of 3D printing: stereolithography.

TZ dolls is a SAS (Simplified Company by Shares), registered in the Commercial Register direction under number SIREN: 810 311 837.
Our intra-Community TVa number is: FR93 810 311 837

We create, manufacture and distribute our own games and figurines collection.
We create and manufacture your own objects (miniature or not) according to your recommendations.
We produce your own objects from your own 3D files.